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Improve Quality of Life

Working together I will ensure that basic services like social and emergency services are delivered efficiently and equitably. The current county council members are distracted by things that do not improve the quality of life.  Meetings are bogged down in party politics.

People are not their priority.


I can change this conversation.


I have been advocate for students, a leader in my school and for our union. I know how to facilitate teams of adults to make decisions and move plans forward. Cooperation begins with listening. I will meet with people and groups across the county in the places they work and live as well as in my office.

Lobby Day for Teachers.jpg

The needs of Pierce County


I want to be an advocate for all the people that live in Pierce County. I realize that I will be elected by those living in the 6th District, but the team that makes up the council serves all those that live in Pierce County. I want to be a voice for those that have not had the opportunity to be heard, making our county government more accessible, promoting transparency and access.


Building a better Pierce County as we grow is possible. We are growing faster than we are keeping up with and the people most impacted by this growth do not have a voice on the council. We have the chance right now to improve communication, outreach, and put policies in place so that we can move forward with community planning to make sure that everyone

is part of the conversation and decision.

Build with the next century in mind.


From Dupont to Graham
From Ruston Point to Parkland
From Auburn to Anderson Island
We are a large county, and though the needs are different in each district, we should be working as a community. We share the same roads, water ways, air we breath, and infrastructure.
Each community, whether an official city, or one of the many communities that make up unincorporated Pierce County, deserves an advocate on the Pierce County Council. We can work together for all.

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