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Why have I been an effective Councilmember? You Elected a Teacher to the Council.

Let me tell you why a teacher is exactly what we continue to need in Pierce County:

  • We are excellent listeners, we have to be

  • We are able to effectively communicate with individuals, small and large groups, over the phone, and in writing

  • We are able to multi-task

  • We are able to calm a group of people down to move the work along

  • We are able to get groups of people on track

  • We are able to teach 

  • We are able to learn new things

  • We are able to read the room

  • We are able to handle stress

  • We are able to schedule and maintain calendars

  • We are able to work with different groups of adults to plan and organize (educators call these Professional Learning Communities)

  • We are able to keep track of records for many different users (students, parents and other educators)

  • We are flexible, when things don't go the way we plan we can look at what needs to be done and change course

I believe that these skills are what have made me outstanding advocate for the residents of Pierce County, and helped me to think about and work towards building a better Pierce County right now and for the future.


Help keep a teacher on the Council.

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